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Este es El Video. LOL. La canción del ED, la transformación Shannon-Beatrice, el final~ =3 wee
Happy End~
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Well, who you love depends on the person. Isn't everything fine as long as it's someone who's fun to be with? Being with someone doesn't require any permission as long as the two people accept each other. If you worry about your parents or your family, then you lose. Don't forget that. You can't go out with someone with incomplete feelings

+1 BATORA *giggle*
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Originally Posted by DgBarca View Post
And...even his corpse is gold, and even I guatentee that this corspe is Ushiromiya Kinzo 's corpse. EVEN IS CORPSE IS PURE GOLD.
I don't remember where have I seen this joke, but... "We Ushiromiyas are so rich that even our words are gold!"

Y esto en otra parte, nya

"And then after I die, I want you to have me melted down into bars and stacked in a bedroom I've installed in an underground tunnel."
"I... I'm sorry Master Kinzo, I believe I may not have heard you correctly. It sounded like you said to... melt your body down... into bars of metal... and stack them in a bedroom."
"I don't think you're deaf, Genji, you heard me."


"He's not even made of gold at all!"
"Natsuhi is going to be so mad."
"Well, nothing left to do but kill a bunch of people for real so it looks like he was killed by a random murderer."
"Is murder your answer for everything, Kanon?"
"*sigh* I'll fetch your cleaver." 
Cómo muero con el fandom en inglés a veces, diox *rueda*
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I still disagree. Why go through the trouble of identifying them as humans they are clearly not humans? After all Erika is the 18th person. It is impossible for Jessica to have a chest at the age of 12, Hello? Puberty. Six years is a long time. DIE THE DEATH

Shannon's ring does not exist. Gaap is a beyblade. Gohda is a magical chef. Kanon is colorblind. Natsuhi was raised by the Headache family. I am a uncreative idiot. 
Y la respuesta de Ronove (y siguiendo el tema de si el George/Shannon existe):
*dot dot dot*

Although, the fact of George's proposal to Shannon may be a huge hint to something. The presentation of the ring only helped confirmed the 'corpse' in EP1, but did it exactly do anything else? Maybe an alibi for the 'happy couple'?

These thoughts on the 'fake love' makes me rethink on the relationships of all the family members. Maybe Kanon didn't even like Jessica (which is why he is so emo!) Maybe they all hate each other! Maybe Jessica is just an obsessive person!
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De la Tea-Party
Curar no es lo mismo que eliminar el dolor. Es el placer obtenido por soportar el dolor.
Por lo que eliminar el dolor no es curar. Para conocer el placer de la curación, tienes que conocer el dolor.

Puedes presumir del sufrimiento de tu pasado. Porque estás cualificada para conocer una clase de placer que aquellos que no han conocido el sufrimiento no pueden experimentar. ...
Aquellos que han conocido este placer, no pueden evitar darle el mismo placer a otras personas.
[Lo rojo marcado por mi, aclaro] Esa última línea es tan cruel, retorcida y tiene tantas connotaciones desagradables que se vuelve hasta enfermiza...
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¿Cómo puede la gente esperar hasta que sacan los demás Episodios de esta cosa?


*huye a descargar Turn of the golden witch y su parchecito al inglés*
(Aunque podría esperar un mes y descargarlo en español, que van rápido con la traducción)
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