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Day 02 – A book or series you wish more people were reading and talking about

='D Lia is trying to learn, weee )

About something else:
Today, Lena (lune_lontaine) write a very awesome fic about Umineko *-* Thank you very much!! I love so much how you write (I read everything that you write. I should begin to comment in your entries, although this may look as if I were a stalker) <3 this surprise makes me happy like hell. 

About fandom:
... I'll start the Umineko EP 4 in english this night, when I finish Enzai. So, I want to get the Shion ED. Yesterday i made it almost, but my bitch pc get off just in the chocolate kiss scene of Belbet. I want to cry ;_; I love this scene. I'm really sad 'cause Belbet ALWAYS die. I want to write a fic about Belbet and Guys oxó I've said. My english is so bad XD I don't know if what I write is correct or not, probably I'm write things without sense or something so. 
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Well, who you love depends on the person. Isn't everything fine as long as it's someone who's fun to be with? Being with someone doesn't require any permission as long as the two people accept each other. If you worry about your parents or your family, then you lose. Don't forget that. You can't go out with someone with incomplete feelings

+1 BATORA *giggle*
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